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Freedom From Stress 90-Day Program
What if I told you that there is a program that can help you lose weight, stop smoking, increase your energy, lessen your stress levels, lower your blood pressure, lower your cholesterol and lower your risk for cardiovascular disease naturally? Invest in your health and wellness to lower your stress levels and increase your life potential.  Say YES and click here!

Corporate Wellness Coaching


We provide telephonic, in-person and online support to make it a simple and quick option for your employees to take charge of their wellness by having access to a stress management toolbox using exercise, behavior modifications and nutritional support.

Monthly Stress Management Program
If you are not quite ready or do not need to tackle
some big stress issues like smoking cessation or
weight loss, but would like a little more guidance with your stress management, the monthly program
may be more your style.
Freedom From Stress Formula
Are you ready to take that leap and truly tackle your frustrations, anxiety and anger and learn how to enjoy life more?
Are you ready to finally lose weight, stop smoking, increase your energy, lower your blood pressure, lower your cholesterol and lower your risk for cardiovascular disease naturally?
Are you ready to sleep better, increase your productivity at work, increase your love of life, create deeper connections and decrease the amount of time you are at work?
This Six Month program will guide you as you invest in your health and wellness to lower your stress levels and increase your life potential.  Say YES and click here!



Smoking Cessation &
Weight Loss


Learn how your stress is sabotaging your weight.

Learn the tips to finally quit smoking and live a healthier lifestyle. Click on the Freedom From Stress 90 Day Program.

Art of Feminine Presence™


A training for conscious women who want to discover their feminine essence to become more present and magnetic in attracting more of what they want in life and less of what they don't want.


FluidStrong Wellness was founded by Paulette Fara after surviving 13 years in a Human Resources Staffing and Recruiting career in Corporate America.


Paulette became a Stress Management Health Coach in the Greater Denver Metro Area and has been providing stress management sessions and fitness instruction for 10+ years, with over 15 years active involvement in training and continued core development with emphasis on using breath for stress reduction and mind/body/soul centering.

She has a passion for inspiring others to make healthy lifestyle changes and incorporates Pilates, Yoga, Essentrics®, meditation and T’ai Chi to create a new level of appreciation for the body that provides a wonderful workout for mind, body and soul.


Her background in that high-stress human resources career prompted her to create a stress management "toolbox" to help all areas of corporate with their stress management needs. Learning to manage your daily stress will allow more productivity, creativity and higher regard for your career and love of life in general.

Paulette's own challenges with Celiac Disease have encouraged her to research food as a therapy for mind/body balance for over a decade. If you are stressed about weight loss Paulette will be able to get to the root of the issue and help you achieve your goals. Stress and digestive issues go hand in hand along with a lower ability to lose weight.

When someone asks you how you've been, is 'busy' your reply? With your inner voice stating that you are also overwhelmed and exhausted? We have all been there. Working with Paulette and her team you will find the right tools to use to motivate and move yourself forward in what you would like to accomplish, making yourself feel like a winner and no longer feeling lost and strained in your efforts.

Paulette is a licensed Art of Feminine Presence® teacher. She has a passion for inspiring women to make healthy lifestyle changes and incorporates various modalities for the mind, body and soul promoting more productivity, creativity and courageous, happy women in the workplace as well as at home. Her work has helped women develop a physical and energetic presence that attracts an air of confidence and poise. As a speaker, and soon to be author, Paulette has implemented the practices of this gentle and powerful work into her own life experiencing an incredible shift in her feminine presence and energy. She is passionate about helping women move out of their masculine essence and into their feminine radiance in order to live more authentic and powerful lives.

Paulette has partnered with an amazing group of like minded individuals who also aspire to live and inspire others to lead healthier and happier lives. Her team is well respected in the community and offer a little bit of everything needed to create a well rounded healthier lifestyle.

As a speaker, Paulette has presented at the National Wellness Institute's yearly conference showcasing her Power of Breath and Food Therapy for Stress Management presentations. She has also presented at women's retreats and corporate workshops on various subjects revolving around stress management or the Art of Feminine Presence® .

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"Stress is part of our every day life. True happiness and love of life happens when you are able to manage your stress and take back control of your life." ~Paulette


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Let our experts help you with your stress.
Our specialized and individualized talents & expertise will help you manage
all types of stress.
Paulette Fara, CWWPM

Wellness WARRIOR

Corporate Worksite Wellness Program Manager & Specialist

Pilates, Essentrics, T'ai Chi,

Stress Reduction/Relaxation & Meditation Instructor, Speaker, Blogger, Author

Valerie Burns, LMT
Yoga, Essentrics, Meditation, Orthobionomy Massage
Celeste Hurd
Yoga, Silver Sneakers Classic, Silver Sneakers Yoga Stretch, ACE/AFFA
Marge Kammerer
Pilates, Reiki, Theta healer,
Corporate Trainer, Life Coach
Gina Fontaine

NASM Certified Personal Trainer,

Perinatal Fitness Specialist,

Corrective Exercise Specialist,

Group Fitness Instructor, Yoga

Carrie Sowiak
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
IDEA Elite Personal Trainer,
YogaFit, Group Fitness Instructor
Speaker & Writer
Our Stress Management Team


Paulette has shown her commitment and dedication to the fitness industry here in CO for the past several years and you would be lucky to have her as an addition to your team or network.  I admire her willingness to offer her expertise to help others even if there is no obvious return for her.  Her generosity of her skills and knowledge is vital to our community.


Kim Farmer

Corporate Wellness Specialist
Mile High Fitness and Wellness, LLC

Paulette's Essentrics classes have changed my life! I have some physical challenges & Paulette's class offers me a program where I can be successful. The exercises target whole body work that leave me feeling energized, calm & ready for a  new day! Her instructions are clear and easy to follow while getting a good workout. I highly recommend Paulette as an instructor because she helps reduce stress & encourage wellness!



Paulette’s classes are the high point of my day. Her deep knowledge and attentive direction make the workouts powerful and fun. It uplifts me for the rest of the day. 

Roxanne E.

“I grew up with four brothers and no sisters, so it is no surprise to me that I became a Civil Engineer. Over my life I have longed for making connections with other women, and have known deep in my heart that being a woman in this world is a special gift. My mantra was always "Anything you can do, I can do better" and I enjoyed proving to the world that a woman belongs in the engineering field. Unfortunately, none of my schooling or jobs has shown me how to bring my feminine essence forward and use this special gift as a tool for my success. My competitive approach takes a lot of energy for me to maintain, and has resulted in an aggressive approach with co-workers, clients, and project managers where I force my ideas on everyone. This also leaves no room for me to understand the client and project team's concerns to solving the problem. After the first 5 weeks with the Art of Feminine PresenceTM practice in my life, I am feeling much less stressed at work, and I am finding it easier to work with my co-workers, project managers, and clients. It has also been easier to let go of any work stress at the end of the day and not take it home and obsess about it. I would also say that I am feeling more relaxed, comfortable and confident in all areas of my life. I am excited about continuing with the next 5 week series!”


                                                                           Marie Thoming, P.E.

As a working mom with two kids, I manage to attend Paulette’s class once weekly.  Pilates has helped shape my body like no other workout I’ve ever done.  My core has gained so much strength that I notice it in everything I do.  My kids are very impressed when they see their mom drop and do Pilates pushups!  Paulette’s class is also the only class I’ve ever attended where I enjoy each and every moment; the hour is gone before I know it. 



“I really enjoy Paulette’s webinars and found today’s very interesting and helpful! Stress is something we all need help in dealing with and she gave some great ways to try to calm down and relax. She also let us know about her blog which I plan on reading!”

“With her warm and grounded way of being, Paulette embodies the Art of Feminine Presence.  It is clear that she practices what she teaches in this course.
I took the 5-week Art of Presence class during a huge life transition.  After getting divorced my self-esteem and sense of femininity were both tattered. Joining in the AFP Sisterhood pulled me through some very difficult times of sleepless nights and emotional turmoil. 
Witnessing other women go through their transitions has been equally as beneficial.  Paulette creates a safe space for open sharing. The self-discovery, witnessing of myself and others, and learning some of the unique AFP practices have strengthened my sense of being in my fullness as a woman.
 Women do the world a disservice when we snuff out our light.  Art of Feminine Presence, with Paulette’s guidance, is a simple way to start shining your authentic light into the world as your own unique expression of the divine feminine.  There is no ideal image.  Just YOU standing in your truth.  Art of Feminine Presence will help you discover your truth.” 

– Gina Fontaine

“Paulette! I used the Art of Feminine Presence tools you taught us at the presentation yesterday and applied them to my two meetings this afternoon. I can’t even tell you how much more confident and powerful I felt expressing my business and ideas with others while aligned in my feminine presence. You are so talented and have an amazing gift for teaching and guiding others. SO glad I was able to experience and apply it so quickly!”  


Alex Cantone

“Since taking the AFP classes I feel more in tune with myself, and other people's emotions. I find it's easier for me to read situations and handle them effectively. I found a sense of ease and calmness when handling stressful situations at work. Thanks for all you do Paulette!" 


LeeAnne Maultsby

As my Stress Management Coach, Paulette has helped me better understand myself and my specific stress.

Her expertise, compassionate care and weekly one on one follow-ups have been amazing in helping me move through some tough stress in the past 90-days. I now feel more confident to find a new job and soar with my new company


Paulette has been able to get me to use some pretty simple tools and ideas to bring ease to my mind surrounding my daily stress with my family and work. It has been a joy to work with her these past 90-days. I will continue to use the tools and tips to simplify my life and make me more calm around my kids and husband.


“I was very impressed with Coach Paulette’s knowledge on the webinar subject, and how she could relate personally. I would like to attend her webinars again especially since, in her bio, she shared that she has Celiac Disease, which my daughter was also diagnosed with about 2 years ago after years of struggling and not knowing she had it.”

“Paulette gave me some good tools to help me deal with my nutty family over Christmas since they will all be staying with my family and me.”

“Loved the giving back presentation. Important reminders for these trying times we are living in.”

“I love Paulette’s energy and spirit in her webinars. She always makes me feel empowered and more positive after each.”

“I always enjoy her webinars. She does a great job of giving you examples to explain her points and also uses her own life experiences. “

“Excellent webinar-thank you!”

“Paulette’s webinar was very inspirational and motivating”

“Great webinar. Looking forward to seeing more.”

“Loved this presentation. Her words always lift me up for the day.”

Success Stories


We bring the class to you in your home or office

Denver metro availability 15 mile radius from downtown with instructors North and South.

The 90 Day Stress Management Program is not affected by the radius as it is done online and via Zoom and phone calls.


Call or email for details: 720-440-2831;


We can provide various times that would work with you

or your employees.

Mid-day workouts, lunch and learns

or afternoon meditation mini breaks.

Let us know what would work for you.


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