Are you a business owner?

Did you know that employers spend $300 billion annually for health care and missed work days as a result of stress?

What if I told you that there is a program that can help you and your employees? Would you be willing to invest in your employees health and wellness to lower their stress levels and increase their creativity, productivity and lessen their sick days? I hope you say YES!


What You and Your Employees Will Learn

  • What are their stress triggers?
  • How they can change their reaction to stress.
  • What really works to help them de-stress.
  • Various tactics and tools for handling different stress in their life.
  • How to design an individualized stress management toolbox.
  • What to focus on when stress pops up.


What Your Employees Will Gain

  • Better sleep patterns.
  • Better ability to handle stressful moments.
  • Possible weight loss.
  • Smoking cessation guidance.
  • Lower Blood Pressure.
  • Controlled cholesterol and glucose levels.
  • Increased endorphins and energy.
  • Decreased risk for heart disease and Alzheimer’s.
  • Increased creativity and productivity.
  • Increased motivation and longevity in their position.


In this 90 Day Program your employees will receive:                     

  • 1 Weekly mat Pilates video link to do at their convenience
  • or  1 Weekly onsite exercise session for metro Denver
  • 2 weekly Stress Management Blog posts
  • 1 Live webcast with a monthly topic
  • 1 hour Q/A live webcast
  • 1 hour per month of an onsite Lunch and Learn with monthly topic of choice


Pricing will vary depending on the size of employee base. Contact Paulette to discuss how this program can benefit your bottom line. 

90 Day Corporate Stress Management Program