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Paulette is a consultant to companies who want their employees to know how to better manage their stress. As a Stress Management Health Coach, Paulette has provided stress management techniques in metro Denver for over 10 years. She has a passion for inspiring others to make healthy lifestyle changes and has presented lectures at the National Wellness Institute yearly conference as well as at weekend retreats. Her presentations help promote more productivity, creativity and happy employees. Her work has helped to decrease blood pressure, decrease smoking cravings and overall stress as well as increase weight loss, motivation, productivity and the quality of sleep her clients receive.


Her own challenges with Celiac Disease have encouraged her to research food as a therapy for mind/body and stress balance for over a decade. Her background in a high-stress human resources career prompted her to create a stress management toolbox to help all areas of a corporation with their stress management needs.


Paulette is able to create any type of presentation guided to your audience. Reach out to her with any ideas or questions about how you would like to inspire your audience.


Paulette is also a licensed Art of Feminine Presence® teacher. She has a passion for inspiring women to make healthy lifestyle changes and incorporates various modalities for the mind, body and soul promoting more productivity, creativity and courageous, happy women in the workplace as well as at home. Her work has helped women develop a physical and energetic presence that attracts an air of confidence and poise. As a speaker and soon to be author Paulette has implemented the practices of this gentle and powerful work into her own life, experiencing an incredible shift in her feminine presence and energy. She is passionate about helping women move out of their masculine essence and into their feminine radiance in order to live more authentic and powerful lives.


How can she help inspire your audience? Paulette can create any type of presentation you would like to bring to your audience. Here is a sample of some topics she has covered:


Unplug to Unwind- (30-50 min session)

Coping Strategies: How Much Stress is Too Much? (30-50 min session)

Riding the Roller Coaster-Managing Stress Throughout Life (30-50 min session)

Going to Bed Grateful- (30-50 min session)

6 Best Yoga Poses for Stress and Anxiety- (30-50 min session)

Pets and Peace of Mind- (30-50 min session)

Listen to Your Breath- (30-50 min session)

Food Therapy for Stress Management (45-90 min session)

The Power of Breath (45-90 min session-includes portion of Pilates moves)

Ten Ways to Boost your Endorphins (30-45 min)

Sitting is the New Heart Attack-Movement for Stress Management (45-90min session)


The rate is per hour. 


Speaking Engagements

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