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Reducing Stressful Episodes Part III

How are some people more able to cope with stressful situations than others? Ever wonder what their trick is or what they have for breakfast every day? It’s not so much a special “vitamin” or trick that they use as it is knowing what their personal stress limits are and adhering to them. During stressful moments in your life it is important to remember to make adjustments to those limits in order to reduce the moments of stress. By creating better ways to cope with stress, you will minimize the damages it can cause on your mind, body and soul. Here are the next three tips to help keep the stress lower during the most common life stressors; work, finances, death of a loved one, a new birth or serious illness:

6. Create some “me” time by doing things you love just for the pure joy of doing them. Get a massage, mani/pedi, do some gardening or wood working, read your book or listen to your favorite music. Treat yourself to something relaxing every day, even if it is just for ten minutes. The more often you do this, the more you will see your stress shift.

7. Do not procrastinate in anything you are doing. Do it now, get it done and bask in your accomplishment. Those little successes can create a big boost in your “feel good” hormones.

8. Evaluate and change your nutritional intake. Your body, mind and soul are temples so we want to fuel them with only the best of the best of nutrition. Don't eat on the run, but instead, take your time with your meals and really enjoy them while staying well hydrated and reducing the levels of caffeine and refined sugars in your meals.

What is your favorite “me” time? I like getting a pedicure once a month and treat myself to some pretty toes and an hour of bliss. How have you felt after you get a project done and not procrastinate with it?

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