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Reducing Stressful Episodes Part IV

Are you one of those people who are able to cope with stressful situations more easily than others? What is your trick? Are you willing to share it? I've found that by making adjustments to my stress limits it has helped to reduce the moments of stress in my day. Each time I create a better way to cope with stress I minimize the damages it can cause on my mind, body and soul. The most common life stressors; work, finances, death of a loved one, a new birth or serious illness will need a routine to help you move through them. Here are the next three tips:

9. Anytime an emotional stressor comes up, discuss it with an immediate family member or friend. Stay connected during times of stress and ask for other's viewpoints on the situation. Resolve any past conflicts you have had and add more compassion and empathy with regard to the other person to learn to accept other's shortcomings. Not only will this make you feel better, but you will feel a shift in the energy surrounding you and the situation when you take this route.

10. Be flexible and not so serious. Live for today and not in the past with old issues and problems. Study up on some anger management tips and know your personal expectations while still being respectful and considerate of others. Remember, not everyone is as well mannered, hard working, dedicated or organized as you may be. Honor their situation and be gentle instead of judgmental.

11. Don't forget your financials and start an emergency fund while forgiving yourself and/or others who haven't made the best financial decisions in the past. Learn from them and create a fund that will grow for you and give you some cushion.

Have you resolved any past issues that has helped eliminate some stress in your life? How have you become more flexible and less rigid with your daily routines so that your stress levels have lessened?

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