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Reducing Stressful Episodes Part V

So by now, you have some great tips to use to help create better ways to cope with stress so you will minimize the damages it can cause on your mind, body and soul. The most common life stressors; work, finances, death of a loved one, a new birth or serious illness need a special routine to help you move through them. Here are the final tips:

12. If your job is a constant stressor, take a good, hard look at the reasons why. It may be time to move on and into a new career. Dress for success and know your shortcomings. If you are seeing too many crisis related situations seek crisis therapy for help and move on.

13. Identify and stop any aggressiveness. Think about what you want to say before “yelling” it and make it a more simple request. Focus on your partner's strong points instead of their shortcomings and appreciate them for their commitment to your relationship. Speak clearly and concisely being thoughtful of the listener.

The take-away from this series comes from Dr. George L. Redmon, a National Education Director for one of the largest retailers of vitamins in the United States wrote the article, 'Sometimes You Just Need to Unplug, Healthy Ways To Reduce Destructive Stress' in the September/October edition of American Fitness and describes it like this: “Within all the parameters of your life, you don't exist as a part of the skill to reduce the stress and/or the stressors in your life, you are the skill.” I couldn't agree more.

Have you changed careers to help lessen the stress in your life? How have you become a more thoughtful in your speaking to your wants, needs or desires with your loved ones or your boss at work?

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