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Mindful Eating for Pain Management

This month my Stress Management presentations are revolving around Mindful Eating and Eating for Stress Management. This is a great way to look at using Food Therapy to help your stress management, especially if most of your stress comes from pain within your body.

Did you know that the food you are eating could be contributing to your pain? Aim for foods that do not increase your inflammation in your body.

Top Natural Pain Killers:

Earache use Garlic

Heartburn use Apple Cider Vinegar

Joint Pain use Cherries

Sore Muscles use Peppermint

Injury Pain use High Alkaline Water

Toothache use Cloves

Chronic Pain use Turmeric

Bloating use Pineapple

Sinus Pain use Horseradish

Urinary Tract Infections use Blueberries

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