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How to Be Optimistic About Everything

I read a great article on how to be truly happy in any situation and thought it would be great to share the tips with you.

When you are hit with challenges and endless hurdles it may seem easy to just give in to the negativity and stress. But what if you could shift this and have a more optimistic view? By looking on the bright side you can boost your mental health as well as your physical health.

Now you may be thinking, “sure Paulette, be realistic. How am I supposed to be positive all the time?” I have been there and have actually said that very statement, but then I always reign myself in to review the whole situation and the lesson I am learning. By keeping this type of optimistic thinking you can anticipate the best possible outcome in any situation.

By taking a quick moment to reassure yourself that everything will be alright, you can create an action plan for any stressful situation that pops up. Some psychologists think we can learn to be optimists, but others think that this is a personality trait with our socioeconomic status and cultural background may also have a role in being able to think more positivity.

Being too optimistic can have a downside in it can lead to failed expectations. Instead, experts believe in the “hope for the best, prepare for the worst”. This thought process can actually help people with certain stressful situations as well as reduce anxiety.

Here are three tips for helping you to see the glass as half full:

Tip #1: Find the positive in every situation. There is always something you can discover that is good about any situation. For example, I was driving into teach a class one morning and the commute was terrible. I took a deep breath instead of getting overly assertive and anxious and went with the flow. Apparently, the Universe wanted me to go slower as there was a car pulling out of a spot right in front of where I was going. Easy parking for me.

Tip #2: Write down the things that make you happy, joyful and grateful throughout your day. Start a daily gratitude journal either in your phone or in a journal. You can write them when you think of them or set aside a specific time during the day where you dedicate to writing these things down, say your afternoon break while enjoying a cup of tea. I have friends who make this their nightly dinner routine and get the family involved. I do this right before I go to bed to fall asleep with a grateful heart and nothing on my mind for the next day.

Tip #3: Speak about your daily situations or stressful moments with success and perseverance. Most times it isn’t the specific situation that determines our mood, but how we interpret the situation and thus discuss it. For example, I was at a conference a couple of weeks ago and when asked how my presentation went I told my friends that I was nervous, but the presentation went remarkably well. The nervous feeling is still valid, but choosing to look at it positively lessened my anxiety and I was able to give the presentation without a problem.

How do you view the glass as half full? What tips can you share that may help others?

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