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Go From Emotional Eating to Mindful Eating Part IV

Many of my friends, students and clients have told me that they either just don’t have time for a healthy lifestyle or complain at how hard it is to fit it into their already packed schedule. I always chat with them about what their life priorities are and how that plays into their life span. That usually gets their attention and invites them to investigate what their emotional, physical and social values are and assists them in becoming more aware of how they play into their longevity of life.

Are your life’s actions in harmony with what you believe is important to you? Check in with yourself on these detailed goals and set some accountability for yourself. This can be especially hard for women to do because we seem to have a hidden belief that taking care of ourselves before anyone else is selfish. But in reality, taking care of yourself helps you take better care of others. This sets a healthy example for your friends and family.

Make a list of alternatives to emotional eating. What else could you be doing? Identify and write down those triggers and come up with three alternative responses that promote a more healthy choice. Keep this list with you either in your wallet or in your phone for easy access. Pull it out and read it during a weak period when you really think you need that candy bar. For example, instead of reaching for those chips drink an 8 oz glass of water very slowly, or take a brisk walk around the block, or go up and down the stairs 5-10 times.

Set some boundaries and respect them. Create a list with foods that are a “yes”, “maybe/sometimes” and those which are a definite “no”. This tactic really helps when you are in a social situation and feel pressured to eat some unhealthy foods. When you start respecting your boundaries and limits you will see others respect them too.

Remember, you do not need others approval or acceptance and people tend to live up to your standards when you set those clear boundaries. When the situation presents itself always check in with yourself. Listen to your higher self and play out all your decisions in your mind’s eye to the end and check in with yourself again to see how you will feel after you make your choice.

How have you changed your lifestyle to fit in more healthy choices around emotional eating? What are some of your “yes”, “maybe” and definitely “no” foods?

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