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Go From Emotional Eating to Mindful Eating Part V

​An important factor you need to deal with when becoming a more mindful eater is to take responsibility for your feelings. When you blame someone or something else for how you are feeling you don’t allow yourself to find solutions to why you are feeling the way you are. This does you an injustice and will need to change in order for you to become a more mindful eater.

The feelings you have that motivate you to eat are trying to convey a message to you so listen to them. Do not judge yourself, but instead accept them and you won’t have to repress them with food. Once they let go naturally you can respond to the feelings instead of reacting to your emotions.

Become aware of when you eat and really savor the experience. Paying attention to the sight, smell, texture and flavor of your food will make you a more aware eater. This will also help you recognize when you are no longer hungry instead of stuffing yourself.

Set yourself up to succeed by finding some great recipes, ideas and the tools you need to make sure you have healthy options for meals and snacks. Take the recipe with you to the grocery store to pick up the items and hold yourself accountable for creating the meal.

Don’t even go down the chip or cookie aisle when shopping. You can survive without those items. Hit the outside of the grocery store staring with the produce area first. Stock up on fruits and vegetables and then move from there.

Instead of meeting a friend for lunch or coffee, meet them for a walk around the park and talk about your dreams and passions or anything you may be worried about so that you don’t turn to food.

Visualize your success and reframe your thoughts when you desire that cookie. Choose to think: “I choose to have this healthy item” instead of “I can’t have this anymore”. Shift your focus to your abundance and be grateful for what you have.

Don’t judge yourself if you do slip up. One day isn’t going to make you a quitter. Thinking that way you will never be able to change your eating habits. Instead, be compassionate with yourself and know that every moment is an opportunity to get closer to your ultimate goal and be more aware with your habits.

When you succeed, celebrate and keep a journal of these successes so you can refer back to them when you may slip. Celebrate by buying a new pair of yoga pants, running shoes, a new book or by getting a massage. Never reward yourself with food or drink.

How have you become more aware of when and what you eat? Tell me how your last meal tasted, smelled and looked.

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