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Convert Your Stress into Courage and Connection Part III

In last week’s blog I discussed why stress could lead to caring and how your brain equates that concept. What the researchers found was that no matter if you are overwhelmed with your own stress or overcome with the stress of others, the best way to find hope is to connect with others and not escape.

When you feel helpless in any situation, do something to support others in order to keep yourself motivated and optimistic. This “tend-and-befriend” theory doesn’t mean that stress can or will always lead to caring. Some stress will indeed make us angry, frustrated and defensive. The theory

shows that people who do care for others during stressful moments will see their biochemistry change and as it changes it activates systems of the brain that produce more feelings of hope and courage.

So, the next time you get stressed, think about choosing to see the good in yourself and befriend someone who could use your talents to transform your own stress into a way to channel your courage and connect with others.

How have you done this recently or in the past?

To read the full article that inspired this blog click on this link:

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