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Easy Ways to Make Someone’s Day

Spreading joy is a great way to work through daily stress. Shifting your mind from the doom and gloom, to more happiness and joy will always help your heart and soul. It can also bring you back to the present moment and free up your mind to help you find a solution to that problem you were just working on.

Here are some great tips to do every day:

Day 1: Smile and say hi to a total stranger. Or better yet compliment them on their shirt, smile or eyes.

Day 2: Make an effort to use a person’s name in conversation. I did this yesterday while chatting with the grocery store clerk. He appreciated it.

Day 3: Invite the person behind you in line to go ahead of you. This is an incredible feeling on both ends.

Day 4: Send someone a handwritten note.

Day 5: Pay two random people a compliment.

Day 6: Make a coffee date with someone you haven’t seen in a while.

Day 7: Ask someone how their day was and listen attentively.

Which of these have you done today or even this week? Which one/s will you do next week?

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