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Guided Visualizations Can Help Reduce Stress and So Much More

Guided visualizations may sound a little mysterious if you haven’t tried it, and you may wonder what could you actually gain from doing a guided visualization? So many of us lead extremely busy lives that we find ourselves rushing from meeting to meeting or from kids sporting events to community events to fitting in the gym. It is key to find a good balance in all of our activities with some time to unwind. One of the best ways to do this is to gift ourselves time to do a guided meditation.

Guided meditations can be used to help you relax and refuel but there are a variety of physical health benefits that come from doing guided meditations. Research has shown that guided meditations can help in lowering blood pressure as well as the level of stress hormones in the blood. Once you have done a guided meditation and you have quieted your body and mind you will feel refreshed and full of energy and ready to face any challenges.

Guided meditations can also help you achieve personal or professional goals. Many have used them to increase their running stride or marathon training while others have used them to grow their self esteem and visualize a career promotion. Still others use the guided meditations for a deeper awareness of themselves. They find that place within themselves where they can get in touch with their intuition and find answers to questions they have been struggling to resolve.

You can start with a three minute meditation to get a good introduction to how you can use it for your health. You can then add to it and increase it according to what your body, mind and soul needs.

Have you used guided meditations to help you in relieving your stress or to increase your self esteem?

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