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Sensory Satisfaction for Appearance Anxiety

If you find yourself becoming anxious when you look in the mirror and wonder why is it taking so long to lose weight or get sculpted arms or great abs, you may need to shift your focus. By obsessing about what your body doesn’t look like you can add more frustration and anxiety to your transformation and can result in having you quit altogether.

Instead, take a moment and compliment yourself at how far you have come from where you started. I always have my clients measure their problem areas and then we re-visit the measurements every few weeks so that they can get an idea of their progress. I also take videos of them performing the exercises and love to show them what they could do on day one versus what they are capable of doing just a few weeks later.

Many don’t even care about the measurements by that time and have learned to love how the workouts make them feel on the inside. This takes the pressure off of changing their appearance and places it back to their inner love of self.

Another tip that helps: treat your body with kindness.

Do you like how your body feels when you swim with the water flowing over your skin? Or maybe you like the adrenaline rush you get after a good dance or Zumba class. It could be as easy as feeling the sun on your skin and being able to hear the birds and nature on your daily walk.

Sensory satisfaction can take the emphasis off of your appearance and places that emphasis on how your body and mind feel. This will enhance your appreciation of your physical self and get you out of thinking only about appearance.

The key is to make healthy choices every day in diet, exercise, sleep and self-love.

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