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New Year’s Goals Reset

How are your New Year’s resolutions, goals or intentions holding up? Did you start full throttle and then puttered out somewhere mid-January?

It’s okay to be honest and say that it is hard. If you are slipping a bit, don’t feel bad and don’t beat yourself up. The past two years have taught us that we need more than just will power and positive intentions to make big changes in our lives.

Take a moment and go back to your goals and intentions. What is the main reason you would like to make some changes in your life? Is it for your kids or grand kids? Do you want more energy or be able to do things you use to enjoy? Do you want more freedom or finally figure out how to deal with a toxic relationship? Write down your “Why” and post it where you will see it often. You could have several post-it notes with your “Why” all around your home.

Next, sit down and write out why you find yourself slipping. Did you forget to bring in some good snacks to eat instead of grabbing for a cigarette or junk food? Did you forget to go for a walk around the block when you felt stressed or frustrated? What stress management coping strategies did you set up for yourself?

If you didn’t prepare yourself for change, it will make it more difficult to stick with the change and you could see yourself caving into past temptations. Take a moment and write down some ways you can add your goals and intentions into your daily life in 15 minutes or less. When you an create a habit, it will be easier to follow through. For example, what you could do for three minutes to take your mind off craving that nicotine? What could you do, on your lunch break, to boost your energy in the afternoon? What changes could you make to your nighttime routine to make sure you are in bed for seven hours? How could you shift your weekly plan so that you have amazing meals for yourself?

Remember you have a choice to make and what you choose will determine whether you flourish this year or be held hostage by your poor choices. What choices can you make this year to give yourself healthier lungs, more energy, a positive demeanor, more creativity and productivity as well as a happier disposition?

When you declare your goals and intentions, you are taking a stand for yourself and your health. Instead of thinking, “When will this goal be over?” Ask yourself “How can I positively show up every day to make my choice amazing?” How can you lead by example and let your kids and grand kids know you love your life and are willing to make big changes to be healthier and happier? How can 2022 be the year that you finally make strides in your goals and start leading a healthier life?

Keep focus on what you are creating for yourself this year and take pride in your small and large steps toward your progress. Create small and attainable goals that you can feel good about accomplishing and then set new, small and attainable goals to get to the next level.

Reach out if you need help, an ally or a coach to hold you accountable and help you along your journey:

I would be honored to be that coach to help you push past any issue you may be stuck on, so you are successful with your goals. Coaches are typically hired because clients want to achieve something that they currently do not have and are having a hard time achieving, for whatever reason. Usually, the results they want to create in their lives fall into three areas: Performance goals, Learning goals or Fulfillment goals.

Are you looking to improve your mental or physical health in some way?

Do you want more energy, stop smoking or be able to get more quality sleep?

Are you stuck in your business or career and need some direction?

Are you looking for an ally and someone to help you with accountability and structure?

Let’s chat!

I am doing weekly 30-minute coaching sessions for a discounted rate of $40 each to become your ally in making positive and lasting health changes. Email me at with “Coach Me Please” in the subject line and we can set up a complimentary 30-min time to chat and see how I can best help you with your health and wellness goals.

I look forward to becoming your coach and helping you thrive in your wellness goals.

Reduced rate of Six 30-min sessions at $40 each/ $240 (Regular hourly coaching rate: $100/hour)


“The A-Ha moments I am having in these 30-minute sessions are blowing my mind. I have made more progress on my goals in the last three weeks than I have in the last three years. Thank you for being my accountability coach and so much more.” S. Busch

“I recently completed a coaching program with Paulette. I am an empty-nester and was looking to make a career change as well as begin dating for the first time in years--both daunting prospects at my stage of life! I turned to Paulette for support during this difficult transition and I couldn't be happier with the results. Within weeks I obtained a part-time job with a solid company and after only a few months was promoted to full-time manager of the center I work at. I also joined an online dating service, which is quite an accomplishment for someone who has never used social media before. I even had my first date! What I like best about Paulette's coaching is she focuses on taking action and possesses a plethora of tools to draw from, which allows her to offer personalized solutions for each client. She helped me to see myself more clearly as well as understand the reasons behind my resistance to change. These are both things I struggled to accomplish on my own. Paulette is a truly caring person who has done the hard work with herself, which is another reason she is so effective. Coaching with Paulette has been a life-altering experience for me, and if you are serious about creating a wonderful life, then Paulette can help you get there too.”--Lisa B

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