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You Can Create Your Own Happiness

" Happiness starts with you. Not with your relationships, not with your job, not with your money, but with you ." ~Spirit Science Each day you wake up and decide how you are going to great the day. Are you going to grumble and complain that you don’t want to go to work or get up and be an adult? Or are you grateful that you did wake up today, you can actually hear your alarm and can wiggle your toes and blink your eyes and sit on the edge of your bed and stretch?

Will you stumble around your morning going through your AM daily ritual mindlessly not paying attention to the coffee pot, shower or the breakfast you will eat? Or will you mindfully scoop in the coffee and take in it’s fragrance carefully measuring the water and eagerly pressing the start button. Will you enjoy your soap and shampoo in the shower allowing the water to gently wake you and remind you how lucky you are to have running water and suds each morning. Will you enjoy dicing up veggies and whipping that egg to make an omelet while placing your whole wheat bread or bagel in the toaster and await the “pop” when it is done so you can schmear it with butter, avocado or cream cheese and add the egg so you have an incredible breakfast you can enjoy at your kitchen table? (This is also a great breakfast to take in the car if you can’t spare the 5 minutes it will take to mindfully eat before you leave).

Will you add anxiety to your morning commute by leaving too late and not allowing enough time for traffic? Or will you leave a few minutes early, check the traffic app and know which route would be your best and less stressed? Will you try and rush, weaving in and out of traffic to try and get one or two cars ahead to get to your parking spot on time? Or will you purposefully drive the speed limit, allow those with their blinkers on to come into your lane and slow down to enjoy your music, favorite morning talk show or audio book you are listening to while on your route?

Will you speed into your parking lot with moments to spare and dash into work clocking in with seconds to spare to sit down at your desk revved up and anxious, frustrated and mad to start your day off? Or will you get to your parking spot with 5-10 minutes to spare, take your time to walk into your office, give a friendly hello, wave or hug to a co-worker and give them a compliment to start your day off with a positive vibe?

Remember, you get to create your own happiness each and every day? How have you created happiness today?

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