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Embracing Your Disappointments

When a new year starts, I take time to think back to my past year and write down my disappointing moments. It may seem odd, strange or counterproductive as we are seeking to boost our goals for the new year, but in order to create goals that will be attainable, it is important to remember the goals that you were not able to accomplish from the past year. Looking back on those disappointments can help you realize what didn’t go well, why we couldn’t accomplish them and offer some great wisdom on how to make them work this year.

Use this time as a learning lesson on how to better make changes in your life that work for you. The main takeaway is that every disappointment has a wise learning lesson for you. Here is how you can do this:

#1: Write down the goal/s from last year that you were not able to accomplish.

Be specific and stay objective. The purpose of doing this is to look for natural patterns that you keep falling into. Here is an example: Instead of saying, “My willpower and stamina sucks” you can restate this in a more objective and helpful statement, “I start off strong and determined each week, but by Wednesday night I am overwhelmed and tired and fall back to my old habits.” Taking a deeper dive into your actions is helpful as it can identify a pattern. Once you see the pattern you can create coping strategies for overcoming it and offer yourself something different on Wednesdays that can keep you motivated to make it through the week. Patterns can vary and they can be physical or mental self-talk. See what a pattern for you may be and take a deeper dive into why that pattern keeps popping up.

Tip #2: Categorize the triggers to your pattern.

As you are doing your deep dive, take a moment and write down what happens on Wednesdays that may cause you to be overwhelmed. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you stressed about a specific topic? Is it a time management issue? Do you have less energy? Really sit and write out all the specifics that may be causing this feeling. Once you have the list you can create a coping strategy for each one. It could be all of the above and that is okay, since life is busy, we will all go through trying times. Keeping a list of the stressors will help you better understand what you can handle every day.

Tip #3: Create your coping strategies and solutions.

So, you have narrowed down why you feel overwhelmed and fall back to your old habits by Wednesday each week. If it’s fatigue that hits you, how can you make sleep a priority in your life? What can you do every afternoon and early evening to make sure you are getting 7-9 hours of quality sleep that night? If it is a stressful situation, who in your network of friends and family can you ask for help? What health insurance resources are available for you to seek for therapy? Many insurance companies offer health programs at no cost to their members. It is worth it to take a look and see what you could utilize. There are also community programs that offer low-cost personal development courses or fitness classes to help boost your knowledge and energy. If it is time management, how could you schedule your week so that you still have little moments of “me time” in every day so you are not exhausted by the end of the day? If it is financial, how can you cut back on some things so you can save more money? Could you make more lunches at home, become your own barista, or streamline your internet and Cable TV?

Tip #4: Choose only one solution at a time.

After going through all your disappointments, categorizing your triggers and creating solutions, choose to work on only one at a time. Schedule them out, so that they don’t overwhelm you. Choose to focus on one a week and you may be surprised when you accomplish it in a few days and can move on to the next one. Celebrate your successes! Once you create a coping strategy and feel good about the solution you’ve created, celebrate it and keep on doing it each week.

Tip #5: There is no endpoint

Well, there is an endpoint it’s called death. Not to be dark and dreary, but it is the truth. If we think of reaching our goals as an endpoint and you’re finished once you lose those 30lbs or once you create more financial freedom you will set yourself up to fail. When you start on this journey of change and healthier habits you will begin a continuous movement forward. You will continue to grow, learn and expand in all areas as you continue to live and thrive. Remember, the ride is just as important as the destination. The more you can be grateful for the opportunity to take the ride, no matter the bumps, dreaded changes and hurdles you have to go through, the better off you will be physically, mentally and even spiritually on your journey. You may not lose those 30lbs in the timeframe you expected, but you gained the capability of changing your mindset to include more movement in your life, more fruits and vegetables and even gained more quality sleep in that time frame. Those are all “wins” in anyone’s book, so be grateful for what you can accomplish.

The practice of changing your mindset from “I have to” to a mindset filled with “I want to” will bring more accomplished goals. It can help you push through those tough decisions especially when the resolutions honeymoon period has diminished, and Wednesday closes in on you.

How will you embrace your disappointments this year? Would you like an ally in your corner to help you?

I am excited to share an opportunity to get some coaching around anything you may be “stuck” bringing to fruition. In Wellness coaching clients have often tried and failed at lifestyle improvement before, sometimes many times. For clients to go further towards success they must feel like they can truly trust the ally that is journeying with them. They must feel like this ally genuinely cares about them, completely accepts them as a person, understands their experience and is not afraid to go wherever the journey takes them.

I would be honored to be that coach to help you push past any issue you may be stuck on, so you are successful with your goals. I am looking for individuals that are interested in working with a health and wellness coach as I pursue an advanced certification and need clients that are willing to work with me to demonstrate my performance as a coach.

Coaches are typically hired because clients want to achieve something that they currently do not have and are having a hard time achieving, for whatever reason. Usually, the results they want to create in their lives fall into three areas: Performance goals, Learning goals or Fulfillment goals.

Are you looking to improve your mental or physical health in some way?

Do you want more energy, stop smoking or be able to get more quality sleep?

Are you stuck in your business or career and need some direction?

Are you looking for an ally and someone to help you with accountability and structure?

Let’s chat!

I am doing weekly 30-minute coaching sessions for a discounted rate of $40 each to become your ally in making positive and lasting health changes. Email me at with “Coach Me Please” in the subject line and we can set up a complimentary 30-min time to chat and see how I can best help you with your health and wellness goals.

I look forward to becoming your coach and helping you thrive in your wellness goals.

Reduced rate of Six 30-min sessions at $40 each/ $240 (Regular hourly coaching rate: $100/hour)


“The A-Ha moments I am having in these 30-minute sessions are blowing my mind. I have made more progress on my goals in the last three weeks than I have in the last three years. Thank you for being my accountability coach and so much more.” S. Busch

“I recently completed a coaching program with Paulette. I am an empty-nester and was looking to make a career change as well as begin dating for the first time in years--both daunting prospects at my stage of life! I turned to Paulette for support during this difficult transition and I couldn't be happier with the results. Within weeks I obtained a part-time job with a solid company and after only a few months was promoted to full-time manager of the center I work at. I also joined an online dating service, which is quite an accomplishment for someone who has never used social media before. I even had my first date! What I like best about Paulette's coaching is she focuses on taking action and possesses a plethora of tools to draw from, which allows her to offer personalized solutions for each client. She helped me to see myself more clearly as well as understand the reasons behind my resistance to change. These are both things I struggled to accomplish on my own. Paulette is a truly caring person who has done the hard work with herself, which is another reason she is so effective. Coaching with Paulette has been a life-altering experience for me, and if you are serious about creating a wonderful life, then Paulette can help you get there too.”--Lisa B


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