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Reducing Stressful Episodes Part II

How is it that some people are able to cope with stressful situations more easily than others? What is their trick? It really isn’t a “trick” as it is knowing their limits and how to make adjustments to reduce their moments of stress.

When you create better ways to cope with stress, you will minimize the damages it can cause on your mind, body and soul. The most common life stressors; work, finances, death of a loved one, a new birth or serious illness, can benefit from having a routine to help you move through them. I’m going to go through 14 different tips to help you create that routine. Here are the next three tips:

3. Break up a major problem into smaller, more manageable parts so you can solve each piece until the whole problem is solved.

4. Respect your body and get enough quality sleep. If you are not getting this, make it a higher priority to do so.

5. Know your personality type and when you have had enough so you can avoid having to do crisis management of everyday ups and downs. This will help calm your response to the stressors.

How have you been able to break up a big problem into smaller solutions? How have you realized your limits and made sure you are calmer during stressful situations?

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