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Compliments to Use to Make a Deeper Connection

It always feels good to receive a compliment, but did you know that it feels twice as good to give one. The next time you see someone and think something nice about them, don’t hold back and give them that compliment, even if they are a stranger…in fact, especially if they are a stranger. Here are some great compliments that are not directed at their physical appearance.

  1. You are empowering

  2. I like the sound of your voice, it’s very soothing

  3. You’re strong

  4. I think your ideas do matter

  5. I am happy you are in my life

  6. More people should listen to what you have to say

  7. You have a very warm heart and an open mind

  8. You exude kindness

  9. You are very grounded in your beliefs and it shows

  10. You have a beautiful soul

  11. You Inspire me to be a better person

  12. Our conversations always bring me joy and a hug to my heart

  13. It’s good to know someone with such a big heart

  14. You are very understanding and show a lot of compassion

  15. You matter to me

  16. You’re important, even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes

  17. You’re very intelligent

  18. Your passion is contagious

  19. You exude confidence and it is refreshing

  20. You restore my faith in humanity

  21. You are so creative, you inspire me to be more creative in my thinking

  22. You are so talented at ________

  23. You don’t tire me like some other people tire me. I could talk to you forever

  24. You have great taste in _______

  25. I am happy you are a part of my life

  26. I wish more people were like you

  27. You are so good at loving people, you make it look effortless

Can you see how these compliments will make your connection with the person stronger?

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