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Intend to Attract More Feelings of Good

“Be on the lookout for the opportunity to say to yourself: I feel good, I intend to attract more of this good feeling, and I intend to give it away to any and all in need of it” Dr. Wayne Dyer

I love getting these quotes from Dr. Wayne Dyer as they seem to turn up in my life when I most need them. Becoming aware of the days/moments in your life where you are feeling amazing and incredible can help shift your perception on the days that aren’t going so well.
You know you can get back to that incredible feeling and the key is to be there more often. Taking time to create a life where you are more elated and excited to share it with others will grow your mind, body and soul leaving you with an enriched life.

“Depression seems to be related to fear, anger and frustration. When you're in a bad mood, even if you meet with your friends, you don't take pleasure in their company. But when you're in a good mood, even if things go wrong, you can cope with them without difficulty. This is why putting yourself in a good mood, making a point of developing a sense of loving kindness gives you greater inner strength.” Dalai Lama

What have you done lately to create a more elated life?

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