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Gratitude Month Week 4: Grateful for the Little Things in Your Life

This month I have dedicated to gratitude and have shown you how to incorporate it into your life in little ways. This year has been a doozy and I think the majority of us have worked hard on keeping it together while pivoting our schedules and still trying to have some sort of social life. One thing that has helped me through this year has been my daily gratitude journal, so much so, that I have inspired several other friends to start one too. When we become overly-stressed we often take for granted some of the very things that deserve our gratitude.

In my world, I have found that having gratitude for everything and appreciating the good, bad and ugly moments has helped me succeed in all areas of my life. I am grateful for all the hard times in my life as well as all the amazing moments. I appreciate all the loves that I lost and all the ones that did stay. I accept that no one else is to blame for my joy or my suffering. I am grateful for all the learning lessons I have had and will have in my future.

How often do you pause to appreciate everything you have in life? Hopefully more since reading my articles this month, but if not here are some great examples of the little things you can be grateful for each and every day:

1. Your parents- your mom for carrying you for 10 months, for giving birth to you. Your mom and dad for teaching you, encouraging you, loving you and being there for you.

2. Your family- siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents all create different aspects of your personality.

3. Your friends-each one brings a different aspect to your life. Appreciate all of them.

4. Your speech- being able to express yourself.

5. Your five senses-sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. Seeing the colors of life. Hearing the sounds of life. Feeling textures, leaves, flower petals and your loved one’s hand. Smelling scents that bring you joy. Tasting the savoring sweetness of fruits, spicy chili, salty seawater and sour pickles.

6. Your heart- for beating and pumping blood throughout your body.

7. Your mind- for the ability to create solutions, store memories, think freely.

8. Your hands- for reading a book, picking flowers, holding your child’s hand.

9. Your lungs- for the ability to breath feely and take in precious oxygen to your body and brain.

10. Your legs- for being able to walk, run, swim, kick and lift you up.

11. Your immune system- for fighting foreign bodies and keeping you healthy.

12. Your education- the teachers, lessons and dedication for passing along knowledge and encouraging you to grow and learn.

13. Tears- for allowing you to express deep emotions, whether happy or sad.

14. Pain- for you to become stronger and wiser.

15. Sadness- for you to appreciate all human emotions.

16. Happiness- for you to realize joy.

17. Fear- so you know your opportunities to grow are limitless.

18. Disappointment- so you can know what matters to you the most.

19. The Sun and Moon- for bringing light and beauty into this world.

20. The Stars- for brightening up our night sky and giving you wonder.

21. Rain- for bringing moisture for plants to grow and cooling down the earth.

22. Snow- for making the winter months a wonderland of beauty.

23. Rainbows- for creating a beautiful sight and something to look forward to after a rainstorm.

24. Mother Earth- for creating the environment we live including mountains, plains, rivers, oceans and beaches.

25. Animals- for the diversity they bring to our world as well as companionship.

26. Technology- from the internet to mobile phones and computers for making our lives more efficient.

27. Movies- for providing entertainment and a break from reality.

28. Books- for adding wisdom and adventure to your life.

29. Shoes- for protecting your feet.

30. Your job- for giving you a source of income and learning experiences every day.

31. Music- for lifting your spirits and filling your life with love, hope, movement and joy.

32. Your home- with your comfy couch, bed, kitchen and bathroom to keep you safe and secure.

33. Your friends- for being there to lift you up when you are down and enjoy moments together.

34. Your spouse or significant other- for being the one who accepts and understands you whenever you need them to.

35. Your enemies- for helping you to uncover your blind spots so you can grow and become a better person.

36. Your car- for offering a means of transportation whenever you need it.

37. Your mistakes- for helping you grow, expand and learn how to improve and become better.

38. Laughter- for lifting you up and knowing what joy feels like.

39. Challenges- for helping you grow and giving you the chance to experience all that you need to experience to become an amazing human being.

40. Last, but not least, YOU-for being who you are and touching the world with your presence.

I hope this month of Gratitudes has inspired you to look at your daily life a little differently. Every day mark off a “Daily Gratitude” time on your calendar (I use from 8:30-9:00pm) and jot down the little things throughout the day that inspire you, bring you joy, put a smile on your face or made you stop and be in the present moment. Today, I am grateful for a comfy bed, good dreams, happy students, snowflakes, silly kitties, making myself a good lunch, reading my book, listening to calming music while I write and laughing at a sitcom.

What are you grateful for today?

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